Additional equipment

Equipements complémentaires pour tonne à lisier agricole | PICHON
  • Vacuum pumps

    It is essential to choose the right vacuum pump. This is the reason why PICHON proposes a wide range of vacuum pumps. Each one of them corresponds to a precise capacity and application.
  • Axles

    The axle plays an important role in supporting the pressure applied, but also in order to brake the vehicle in complete safety. The load and the stress caused by movements inside the tank must both be taken into consideration.
  • Wheels

    Selecting the right tyres makes a significant contribution to optimize your slurry tanker. PICHON offers a large range for all applications, from agriculture to road use or low ground pressure tyres.
  • Hydraulics

    Electro-hydraulic controls can be used to automate the operating cycles. The electrovalves are located in a galvanised casing on the chassis, which prevents them from being splashed.
  • Electronic flow controller

    This onboard electronic system is used to regulate the quantity of slurry that is spread using the hydraulic regulating valve. The quantity per hectare is obtained according to the tractor speed.