Basic options

  • Rear doors

    All of PICHON's tankers are fitted with rear doors in order to access the interior of the tank for maintenance purposes.
  • Drawbars – Hitches - Jacks

    Drawbars, hitches and jacks are available for the complete range of PICHON slurry tankers in order to meet different needs.
  • Mudguards – Pipe supports

    PICHON proposes a selection of mudguards. Each model is adapted to the number of axles fitted on the tanker and can be used together with several pipe supports.
  • Sight glasses

    For optimal filling and spreading operations, PICHON's slurry tankers must be fitted with a sight tube ball or sight glass level indicator.
  • Hydraulic internal mixers

    PICHON recommends that its tankers should be fitted with hydraulic internal mixers in order to limit sediments inside the tank.
  • Slope ground

    The slope ground kit is a concept designed for spreading on sloping or uneven surfaces that allows the user to empty the tanker in the downward and upward directions.
  • Weight transfer system

    PICHON has developed a weight transfer system that is very easy to use in order to increase the grip of the tractor coupled to the slurry tanker.
  • Rear linkage

    Thanks to its simple and robust design, PICHON's universal hydraulic rear linkage is essential to connect its range of injectors and spreader bars.
  • Accessories

    Designed to make everyday work easier, our extensive range of accessories is perfectly suited to the routine applications of all PICHON's vehicles.