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Presentation of PICHON company

Based in Landivisiau near Brest (France), PICHON has been present on the market of agricultural machinery since 1970.

PICHON fabricant de tonne à lisier agricole

After initially developing equipment for soil preparation, in 1976 the company specialized in the manufacture and sale of slurry tankers .

With its exclusive salesforce and a network of distributors supported by agricultural machinery professionals, PICHON has become the French leading manufacturer of slurry tankers.

Custom-built solutions  are definitely our main strength. At PICHON, every tanker is designed to meet the specifications defined by the end user.

This approach requires faultless technical reactivity.  Listening carefully to what our customers want is a priority. Thanks to this rigorous approach, the company is able to answer very quickly to even the most challenging demands.

More than 45 years of expertise in the improvement of spreading techniques have enabled PICHON to gain a foothold in 45 countries all over the world.

The addition of power jetting equipment in 1995 and compact loaders in 2004 has then significantly contributed to the development of the company.

45 ans

PICHON completed its range of spreading solutions with a range of muck spreaders called Muck Master in 2011 and two new solutions for slurry pits in 2015.

PICHON is also the first manufacturer certified according to the spreaders certification standard for liquid organic fertilizers: eco- spreading.

The company is driven by the same ambition: to be at the leading edge of innovation and performance.

Watch the company's video presentation  on our Youtube channel .

Key dates and events

1970:  The company is created by Michel and Martine PICHON. At the beginning, the company repairs agricultural machinery.

1971:  As the company is progressing, the PICHON company starts manufacturing agricultural equipment and designs their first cultivator with a clear focus on performance and strength.

galvanisation de tonne à lisier PICHON

1974:  Output increases from 20 to 80 machines a month. The company outgrows its workshop and relocates to a 1,200m² facility in Guipavas. The company staff rises to 15 employees.

1975:  The range of soil preparation machines is extended to include rollers, chisels, etc. The machine tools is extended with the purchase of a rolling mill to form the shells. PICHON become a public limited company.

1976:  The year of the great drought. Michel PICHON decides to start building water tankers. In the same year, the company makes its first slurry tanker. The surface of the factory is doubled and the headcount reaches 40 employees.

1978:  PICHON stands out from the competition with the standard galvanization of its slurry tankers.

1979:  Launch of the new stirrer .

1984:  The company takes part in the international agricultural machinery show (SIMA) in Paris.

1990:  At the Paris trade show, Michel PICHON exhibits a new slurry tanker fitted with a disc-based slurry injector   that makes the best possible use of the slurry by reducing nuisances.

1992:  PICHON presents dribble spreader bars , a new spreading  process, in the course of numerous demonstrations. The company receives a reward as part of the Innovation in Business challenge .

1995:  The activity is diversified to include power jetting equipment .

1996: PICHON corners 40% of the slurry tanker market  in France, 7 exclusive salesmen represent the brand in the country. A new 11,500m² factory opens on a 5-hectare site next to the Brest bypass.

1997:  The company broadens its horizons by setting up an Export department.

PICHON fabricant d'hydrocureur et tonne d'hydrocurage
PICHON fabricant de chargeur articulé agricole

2004:  A new flagship product is launched: the compact loader .

2008:  The company continues its international development with the creation of a branch in China , a country with a booming economy.

2009:  The company buys and renovates a manufacturing site  in Southern Poland in order to meet demands in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe. Export sales now account for 35% of turnover.

2010:  Creation of the PICHON domestic and international transport service .

2011:  PICHON prepares for further expansion with the startup of its factory in Poland and the presentation of a new spreading range Muck Master at the 2011 Paris trade show.

2013:  SIMA 2013 is the opportunity to present the full range of manure spreaders  from 8 to 24m² and the first telescopic loader (60 HP).

2014:  Introducing the new range of certified eco-spreading liquid spreaders  at the SPACE and SOMMET DE L'ELEVAGE exhibitions.

2015:  PICHON reveals its new series  of 16 compact loaders at the SIMA 2015 exhibition and two new ranges of slurry mixers / pump mixers .

2016:  PICHON is moving to a new 22000 m² factory in Landivisiau 30 kilometers from Guipavas.

2019:  PICHON is purchased by the Danish company SAMSON AGRO.


  • Innov'Space 2008 with the EL8 injector
  • Innov'Space 2013 for our eco-spreading certification
  • Sommet d'Or 2013 for our eco-spreading certification
  • Parcours des Bonnes Pratiques du HubAgro during the SIMA 2015
  • Innov'Space 2018 for our radio controlled filling cone for above ground pits