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Our departments


Stand PICHON au SIMA 2013

PICHON likes to stay close to its customers in an effort to precisely target the needs of the users. This method is based on our 10-strong sales force in France, which provides our distribution network with advice and information and makes regular visits to the farms where our products are used. Seven export salesman representatives manage dealers network and importers in order to reach full end user satisfaction and company expectation.

This special approach has made PICHON the leader on the slurry tanker  market and provides every single user with a technical solution that precisely meets their needs.


10 people work in the Engineering. The department uses 3D CAD-CAM tools. By staying in close touch with the field, they can innovate and develop ever more efficient products.

PICHON's expertise and know-how fuel its constant progress in terms of the equipment and the technologies it uses.

Our high-performance CAD-CAM tools enable us to meet all the most specific needs users.




PICHON is determined to retain its command of the different phases of the production process: cutting, welding and assembly.

In an effort to boost productivity, the company regularly invests in modern tools that are fast, deliver quality and are easy to use.

The qualification of the personnel is of primary importance. PICHON invests in people who want to progress and to make a contribution to the development of the company.


Every day, our qualified technicians assemble and test the various machines.

A job that demands the utmost rigour, in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics and electrics. Their high level of reactivity allows for rapid interventions.




The Transport department  has vehicles (truck and trailers, trucks with cranes, lowbed, extendible and recessed semi-trailers, etc.) for a flexible and versatile transport offering.

The drivers can also start up the machinery they deliver, so that users are sure to get off to a good start.


Our team of qualified technicians criss-crosses the country in their workshop vans, making quick repairs for customers.

Store - Spare parts

The spare parts store supplies the distribution network and users alike to very tight deadlines, thanks to its large and well kept stock of spare parts.

All these departments work closely together to enable PICHON to respond precisely to even the most diverse demands with the appropriate solutions.