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Photo Competition

Send us your better photos of PICHON equipment in use (tankers, spreaders, slurry mixers, loaders) and win some PICHON merchandising articles!

If you want to take part in the PICHON photo competition, just fill in the form below and attach your photos (maximum size 2,5MB per file).

The three best photos each month will win a prize :

  • 1st prize : PICHON work overalls
  • 2nd prize : PICHON fleece jacket
  • 3rd prize : PICHON cap and key ring

If you are one of the winners, you will be informed as quickly as possible by e-mail.

A star (*) indicates required fields

Extract from the rules :

Entrants may then attach their photos to the form. The files must not exceed 2.5 MB and each entrant must send no more than three photos. The image files must be in JPEG format. The files must use the following naming convention: name_first name_01.jpg, name_first name_02.jpg, name_first name_03.jpg

The entrants agree to only send photos that they have taken themselves and authorise ETS Michel PICHON to use and/or reproduce them freely.

Documents sent by post will not be accepted (hard copy or electronic files) or returned to the sender.

By taking part in this competition, entrants accept these rules and agree to refrain from making any claims with regard to the results. Moreover, they must obtain written the agreement of any persons in the photos, when the latter may bring image reproduction rights into play.

ETS Michel PICHON shall not be held liable if, due to an act of God or circumstances beyond its control, the competition is changed or simply cancelled. It shall not be held liable for the loss or destruction of digital photos due to fortuitous circumstances. This competition is governed by French law.

To consult the complete regulation of the contest, download the PDF file "Rules photo competion".